Lindsay’s Longest Pivot

The largest pivot in Brazil is also Lindsay’s longest.

Installed by Lindsay America do Sul based in Mogi-Mirim, Brazil, the pivot is 4,265 feet (1,300 m) long, with 26 towers. Owned by Bunge Alimentos, the pivot is in a sugar cane field on Cana Brava farm in the state of Tocantins.

Pivot irrigation for sugar cane is still relatively new in Brazil, where self-propelled Hose Travelers are currently the most common way to irrigate.

The extensive, high-clearance pivot provides water to 1,310 acres (530 ha) of sugar cane, and was developed through a partnership between Bunge and Lindsay.

The pivots were installed as part of a feasibility study analyzing whether the increase in productivity of irrigated sugar cane offsets the system installation costs, according to Ricardo Lopez, Corporate Agriculture Manager, Sugar and Ethanol, at Bunge Alimentos S.A. Operation tests with reduced water blade are part of the strategy balancing productivity and higher profitability.

Eugenio Brunheroto, Managing Director for Lindsay America do Sul explains, “Sugar cane irrigation through mechanized sprinkling is still uncommon in Brazil, and the project analyzes the feasibility of this system for large areas in order to increase crop yields.”

The irrigation project began in 2008 with 12 towable pivots, which could apply 2.5mm (.10 inches) of water daily. In 2009, 16 more systems were added, including the 26-tower pivot.

“The close furrows in the sugar cane field, along with high tension at the pivot point in a system of this magnitude can create unique challenges,” says Juliana Terra Barsanti, Lindsay Marketing Coordinator. However, proper preparation keeps the pivot running smoothly.

The Lindsay wire alignment system is used successfully in all Bunge pivots with more than 14 spans.

The pivot is operated manually now, but Bunge intends to install Lindsay’s GrowSmart software so the equipment can be controlled remotely while saving time and energy costs.

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Pivot irrigation for sugar cane is still relatively new in Brazil.

The largest pivot in Brazil is also Lindsay's longest.

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